IUEC Safety Bulletin
IUEC Safety Alert

As vaccines are becoming more and more available and we navigate through the ever changing Corona Virus world, we must continue to re-enforce Safety on the job. While all of us are thinking about the Safety and Health of our families and friends, it is important to remind our Brothers and Sisters to focus on their Safety and the Safety of those working around them on the job. In order to again recognize Workers Memorial Day and The National Day Of Mourning on April 28th, the IUEC has prepared a Toll Free call-in number in order to hear a Safety Message from General President Christensen as well as links to a Life After Loss video and a video with Safety messages from several leaders of our industry including the IUEC, company presidents, employer safety directors and employer organizations supporting the Safety Stand Down. The call in number and links to videos will become active on April 28th.

Go to https://www.iuec.org/index.php/safety-page/ and follow the IUEC Safety Stand Down 2021 link to view the videos, access the safety message at 1-888-618-0613 Toll Free for Canada & US and view information regarding  the upcoming OSHA Safety Campaigns:

General President Christensen IUEC Safety Stand Down 2020
Life After Loss- Randy Wilson